How Wanderlist Works


Wanderlist is a journey where you and your travel companions explore your travel interests and preferences, analyze the results with your advisor, and create a travel plan. Learn more about how it works below.

1Initial Phone Call
Advisor, client, and facilitator discuss what to expect during the Wanderlist experience and map out dates for future calls.

2Walk the World
Client and any participating travel companions “walk the world” to curate their travel portfolio.

3Curation Review
Advisor, facilitator, and client review key findings from the travelers’ portfolio curation.

4Portfolio Presentation
Advisor and facilitator present proposed travel portfolio to client and make adjustments as needed.

5Start Planning
Advisor and client begin the planning process for first Wanderlist trips.

Explore destinations and experiences around the world through the Wanderlist portal.

7Annual Review
Advisor, facilitator, and client review travel portfolio and update any changes in trips or trip details.