How much does this cost? What do you charge me?

It’s pretty simple. You tell us your overall budget, and we design the best possible trip that fits within it. Except for special circumstances (more on that in a minute), we don’t charge our clients a fee. We give you 100% transparency in how we get paid. We are commission-based consultants: the airline, hotel group, tour company, or other service provider pays us when your travel is completed.

So, when DO you charge a fee?

There are certain limited circumstances where we do require a fee.  The fee will always be discussed in advance and mutually agreed upon.  Some circumstances under which we’ve charged fees include destination weddings with a significant guest list, large group or incentive travel, and corporate event planning.  Occasionally we have been asked to book trips with client’s rewards points or miles, or to assist them in using stored timeshare points, and under those circumstances we require a fee as well.

Can I get credit towards my frequent flier or hotel rewards accounts when you book my travel?

Absolutely. We ask you for your rewards numbers so we can input it when we book your trip.  Note that there are limited circumstances where we are able to obtain wholesale rates with certain hotels that may not qualify for points or mileage credit.

How do I know the tours are going to be good? I hate touristy stuff.

So do we. We’re prolific, experienced travelers, and we’d never book our clients an experience that we wouldn’t do ourselves.

What are some cool things to do on my trip? I want something different.

Our favorite question!  The opportunities are endless. Cooking classes, vineyard tours, wild animal adventures, chartering a private boat, island-hopping on a helicopter, private scooter tours, driving a Lamborghini, sleeping under the stars  – we could go on and on. The private cooking class with a Michelin-starred chef isn’t in your budget? We’ll find you something just as fun.